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New Sheets for a New School Year: Organic Character Sheets from Morning Bird

Contributors: Stephanie Jarrett

Even though it feels like we just got out of school, back-to-school supplies are popping up in stores everywhere. My girls have picked out the backpacks they want for next year, and my oldest has her eyes on a new pair of Air Force Ones. We are talking about hair cuts and first day outfits all the while I'm trying to keep the cupboard stocked and the laundry done-ish because summer can be brutal for moms!

My youngest wants to freshen up her room a bit this summer because we don't already have enough going on, so, when I got asked to try out a sheet set from Morning Bird it seemed like now was the time. My girls have always loved themed sheets and goodies that feature characters from their favorite shows and play sets. has an amazing collection.

We picked out L.O.L. Doll-themed sheets because my girls go gaga over L.O.L. Dolls, constantly getting excited about exactly which doll their newest purchase might uncover. We have quite the collection of L.O.L. Surprise! Dolls in all sizes and with more accessories than I, myself, own. So we picked out a fun set of L.O.L. Surprise! sheets for my youngest's room. Other sets available from Morning Bird include Trolls, PAW Patrol, Jurassic World, Frozen and more. With Morning Bird, you are sure to find something for everyone! 

If you are thinking it might be time for a room refresh, for the new school year, to pick a new theme, or just because, consider starting with sheets from Morning Bird. They are cozy, cute and oh-so-fun for kids. 

Reasons to buy your kids' sheets from Morning BirdAt Morning Bird, all of your sheet sets are 100% organic! Certainly there are cheaper sheets on the market- but cheaper organic sheets? You'd be hard-pressed to find those. Why do organic sheets matter? Well, let me tell you...

Organic sheets are better for your kiddos- and the environment

1. Organic sheets are breathable! It's hot in Texas, especially in the summertime. Organic cotton sheets will keep your kids cooler so they can sleep comfortably, even when the temps soar above 100 degrees.

2. Sheets that have been certified organic are gentler on your child's skin and overall safer for little ones. Organic sheets are made using fewer synthetic ingredients that could potentially irritate their skin or bother them long-term.

3. Organic cotton is better for the environment. It is grown using less pesticides, which means less chemicals seep into Mother Earth.

Sheets from Morning Bird are just simply adorable!What kiddo doesn't want to cozy up in sheets featuring their favorite characters? Morning Bird has multiple character sets for you to choose from, so you can find something for every kiddo.- Trolls- Disney Frozen 2- PAW Patrol- Jurassic World- Hot Wheels- Batman- My Little Pony- L.O.L. Surprise!

Morning Bird has character pillows, duvet covers, soft throws, sheet sets and more featuring your child's favorite characters. So you can find an entire matching set from the comfort of your couch. Your child will thank you!

These sheets are cozy and comfy. My youngest has been sleeping in her sheets for more than a week now and gives them rave reviews. It can get hot in her second-floor bedroom, and she's a hot-natured little kiddo, but her L.O.L. Surprise! sheets from Morning Bird are keeping her cool and comfortable despite the summer heat. The sheets are super easy to wash in the washing machine, and we love spraying them with a lavender spray for sweet dreams every night at bedtime. Now she's trying to convince me to repaint her walls to better match her duvet cover...

If you are on the market for new sheets this summer, this next school year, or at any point for your little ones, shop at The organic, themed sheets are a fun treat for your kiddos. Which character set is your child eyeing?

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