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Holiday Fun for Your Little Ones!

Contributor: Morning Bird

β€˜Tis the Season for Holiday crafts with Morning Bird! You and your little ones are sure to get into the Holiday spirit with the following festive crafts and activities. Make sure to tag @MorningBirdHome when you post your wonderful creations! 

Craft Materials To get started, you will need the following materials:
     β€’ Morning Bird ribbon from packaging or any ribbon you can find
     β€’ Pine cone
     β€’ Peanut butter (any nut butter or nut-free butter)
     β€’ Birdseed or nuts and seeds you have

We love an easy quick craft, don’t you? With these simple steps, you can turn a basic pine cone into a delicious bird feeder:     
     1. Shake, tap, or brush the pinecone lightly to remove any dirt or debris.
     2. Reuse your Morning Bird ribbon by tying it around the pinecone.
     3. Coat the cone with peanut butter (any nut butter or nut-free butter) available to you).
     4. Roll the cone in birdseed or use a spoon to sprinkle it onto the peanut butter.
     5. Hang the feeder and find a good spot to sit back and watch your feathered friends enjoy your handiwork. 

The holiday hustle can get hectic for sure, so remember to slow down and take time to connect with your family. This Morning Bird Holiday craft is a fun and simple way to make a special memory together. For even more fun, scroll down to download a holiday word search and connect the dots activity. See links below. Print them out and take them with you! They are perfect for family dinners out when you need something to occupy those busy little brains until the food arrives, when you’re in the waiting room for a doctor’s visit, or on long car rides to visit family. These are perfect 15-minute time filler activities! Hope you enjoy, and have a wonderful holiday season!

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