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Holiday Fun for You and Your Little Ones!

β€˜Tis the Season for Holiday crafts with Morning Bird! You and your little ones are sure to get into the Holiday spirit with the following festive crafts and activities. Make sure to tag @MorningBirdHome when you post your wonderful creations! 

Craft Materials

To get started, you will need the following materials:
   β€’ Printed garland available on this blog
   β€’ Scissors
   β€’ Clothespins
   β€’ Ribbon or string 

Step 1 - Download the digital art

Download the three sets of birds to create the full bird garland! Download Here

Step 2 - Print out the birds for the garland

Once you have downloaded the digital art, print out the festive birds. To make a true blue Morning Bird Garland, print in color. If you’d like to get even more creative, print in black and white and make the pieces your very own by using colors that will brighten up your holiday.

Step 3 - Cut out the shapes with scissors

Carefully cut out each bird as close to the dotted line as possible. 

Step 4 - Secure the birds with clothespins

Take the clothespins and secure the birds to the string or ribbon that you have gathered. Make sure they are secure so that the birds don’t fly away!

Step 5 - Hang and enjoy :)

We hope you enjoyed this Morning Bird Holiday craft, but the fun doesn’t end there! Keep scrolling to enjoy a holiday maze, or draw your own snow globe. You can find these fun activities all on

More Holiday Fun!

Download our Holiday maze and have your little ones find their way to the bottom of the tree. Download Here

Have some fun decorating your very own snow globe! Have your little ones think of their favorite place, then bring it to life with their own designs and decorations. Finally, have them close their eyes and imagine they are there! Download Here

Now that you are in the Holiday spirit, we hope you have even more fun sharing your incredible designs with friends and family, and don’t forget to tag us @morningbirdhome.

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