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Happy Earth Day 2022

Contributors: Morning Bird

Earth day is a day of celebration and making promises to make our planet healthier, greener and a beautiful place to live. 

April 22, 1970 marks the anniversary to celebrate our planet. On this day as a community we are encouraged to reduce, reuse and recycle.

A simple act can make a big impact on our planet. Let’s take a step towards being more mindful of how important it is to keep it healthy and safe for future generations. 

Celebrate the best day of the year with us. Check out a couple DIY upcycling ideas below. 

Cardboard Box DIY:
Kids love to play in cardboard boxes. Let’s make a cardboard playhouse or fort. 

Craft Materials: 

Let’s Create It:
     Step 1 - Collect cardboard box
     Step 2 - Cut the box
                    Once you have decided how you want your playhouse to
                    look, cut the cardboard box so you can connect the box.
     Step 3 - Tape the box
                    Connect sections of the box to create a roof or door!
     Step 4 - Decorate
                    Get creative and let your little one decorate their new                                   upcycled playhouse!
     Step 5 - Enjoy
                    Make sure to take a picture and tag @MorningBirdHome                              when you post your kids’ wonderful creation. 

Polaroid Photo Ribbon:
Everyone loves to have a spot where they can keep their memories. This DIY is simply great at showing how you can display photos.

Craft Materials: 

Let’s Create It:
     Step 1 - Grab your Morning Bird ribbon from the packaging
                    Cut the ribbon to desired length.
     Step 2 - Collect your photographs
                    You can use photographs or artwork.
     Step 3 - Attach the photos to the ribbon with clothespins or metal                            clips.
     Step 4 - Hang on your wall

We hope you enjoyed this Morning Bird upcycling craft, but the fun doesn’t end here! We hope you have even more fun sharing your incredible designs with friends and family, and don’t forget to tag us @MorningBirdHome. 

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