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6 Tips on Transforming Your Kid’s Bedroom into Their Sanctuary

Contributors: Jen deWeen (R.N.) • Dawne Yusi (M. Ed.) • Lily Law 

Clear the clutter and set your kid up for success as you transform their room into a sanctuary. By creating a flow and a personal connection to the space, your kids will take ownership of the space and thrive in their safe haven. Whether it's play, rest, sleep, or homework, here are some tips to help make your child’s bedroom the go-to place where they can play, daydream, or get to work:

Bring the Walls to Life

Use picture frames and wall decals for an easy way to complement your child’s personality. Easily change the room theme as your child gets older. Download artwork of your child’s favorite sport or entertainment character and frame the printed artwork to bring the walls to life. Alternatively, you can use our coloring pages to make your own wall art and match your favorite Morning Bird bedroom theme.

Create a Cozy Corner

Create a space for your child to “breathe out,” recharge or wind down, in their bedroom. This will allow for quiet play without signaling sleep. Their sanctuary can be for all times of day, not just for sleep.

Put a couple of their most special stuffed animals, a basket of new books, and some pillows with their favorite characters on the pillow case in a corner of the room on the floor. This cozy/calm area will be a gift for your child when they’re in need of some “me” time.

Set Your Child up for Success

To help your kids stay organized, keep things within their reach so they can access what they need or want and put things back where they belong easily. Utilize storage racks, hooks, and bins to make it as easy possible for your child to be neat and keep things off the floor.

KISS: Keep It Simple Silly

By leaving the space simple, you’re creating more space for your child to exercise their imagination. Leave open space if possible and don’t overload the room with unnecessary stuff.

Give Ownership

Allow your child to be creative and express their own personality in their space. Let them choose some of the furnishings and/or colors in their bedroom. Your child will be more likely to find refuge in their sanctuary and take care of the space if they feel like it is truly their own.

Create a Theme for the Room

Bring the space together with a theme that fits your child’s personality. A theme that your child connects with is an easy way to make your child’s bedroom inviting to them. Whether it’s time for play, rest, or sleep, your child will feel extra comfortable in their space. A personalized theme is a great way to show your child you care about what they care about making it that much more special.

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