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5 Crafts for Morning Time to Kick the Day Off Right

Contributors: Jen deWeen (R.N.) β€’ Dawne Yusi (M. Ed.) β€’ Lily Law 

Looking for something fun to do? Look no further! You can have your kid start the day by doing our fun projects and end the night by snuggling up with our cozy bedding.

Visualization for a Good Day: Coloring Favorite Characters

Download your child’s favorite character art coloring pages. Allow your child to escape into dreamland before getting down to business. Coloring is a great way for your child to clear the mind and release any anxiousness about the day. The connection with the aspirational characters will help them visualize themselves as they seize the coming day.

A Sense of Accomplishment: Morning Bird Origami

Here are 3 origami birds for different ages/skill levels. Choose the appropriate level and be ready to jump in to help your child where needed. The sense of accomplishment is a perfect way to instill confidence that will stick with your child from task to task throughout the day.

Beginner: Dove
Source: PaperART 013

: Crane
Source: Easy Paper Origami

: Penguin
Source: Gary Easy Origami

Gratitude for a Good Attitude: Write a Thank You Card

Showing gratitude can actually make you happier, say many experts. Ask your child to think about someone in their life they are thankful for. Give them some craft supplies and ask them to write a thank you letter to that person (give some extra help for early/pre-writers). Ask them to tell you how they think it will make the person feel when they receive the letter. Make a plan to deliver the letter either in person or through the mail. 

Meditative Art: Tape Mosaic Art

Set your child up with a big piece of cardboard, some painter’s tape, and some paint brushes & paint. Help your child stick the tape down in random lines (for younger children, prior to starting the craft, stick the tape down for them). Tell your child to put different colors in each empty space between the tape lines to end up with a cool mosaic design. Give your child some space to relax while they plan their colors and paint. Once all the spaces are painted, let dry for 24 hours and then carefully peel up the painter’s tape to reveal your child’s masterpiece.


Source: Splashes and Strokes on Pinterest

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